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Tamara still does cartwheels in the park. Her greatest endeavor is to live a life of purpose, balance, and joy. She is a mother-to-be, daughter, sister, friend, and yogi; roles she holds close to her heart.  


Entering a new season in life of motherhood, Tamara has been on an adoption journey since 2017; she began the path of foster-to-adoption is now pursuing a private adoption. The lessons learned on this journey led Tamara to become an adoption advocate, and to ultimately help more Black children find forever homes. 


In her professional capacity, Tamara works as the Chief Operations Officer of Think Common Entertainment and President of Imagine Justice x Common. Her role is to ensure the continuity and success of the team, brand, marketing, business operations, and social impact efforts.


Over a decade ago, Tamara began working with hip-hop artist, Lonnie Rashid Lynn (COMMON). Their journey began with Common Ground Foundation, a youth mentoring organization in Chicago founded by Rashid and his mother, Dr Mahalia Hines. Tamara served on the board of directors and later became Executive Director.


While overseeing the non-profit, Tamara also began consulting to Rashid’s entertainment firm, which soon required full time focus. Tamara relocated to Los Angeles and began work as COO. 


In 2018, Tamara and Rashid co-founded Imagine Justice x Common. Imagine Justice focuses on criminal justice reform, political advocacy, and creating social impact content. 


In 2019, Tamara and Rashid, in partnership with Distinctive Schools and New Life Development, opened Art In Motion (AIM), a creative arts charter school in Chicago. AIM is the only tuition-free creative arts school located on Chicago’s south side. 


As business owner of T. Brown Publishing, Inc for more than 12 years, Tamara spearheaded the launch of multiple publications to advance the causes of non-profit organizations, including Urban Influence Magazine, which holds a place in history as the first national and international newsstand magazine of the National Urban League. 


Tamara earned an undergraduate degree in Journalism and Mass Communications from the University of Iowa, and later attended DePaul University for graduate studies. She is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.


Tamara currently resides in Charlotte, NC... looking forward to welcoming her first child.

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